Leaf Table tray

Leaf tray strikes the viewer with its light organic features combined with precise geometric elements, making it a sculptural and functional vessel in the interior. As part of Hue Minimal Leaf series, it displays a minimalist design approach towards technology and materials, and proves once again that less, is in fact, more.


Through extensive exploration of the boundaries of metal sheet rolling, the production method enabled a creation of light and elegant thin metal forms. The combination between the roughness of the plain metal sheet and the delicateness of the three dimensional shapes that were achieved in the end, created an intriguing contrast within the tray’s composition. By adding asymmetrical support elements to Leaf tray, its design became more functional and surprising, due to the balance between the precise geometric parts and the organic natural shapes.

The tray takes pride in its material which brings durability and functionality, and celebrates the gentle elegant beauty of the industrial metal, that can find its place in domestic environments of varied kinds. Whatever the design of the living space is, be it a modern loft or traditional house – Leaf tray will make a great centerpiece. 

The tray evokes a range of different associations about the source of the inspiration behind it. While for its designers it was mostly the technology that guided them throughout the process, many others who will look at it, might say that the fusion of shapes of different characters brings to mind structures from the world of modern architecture or nature.


At the same time, and almost in an opposite manner, the gentleness of the main shape might easily remind you of a beautiful, intimate gesture of carrying something precious in your arched palms. This diversity of associations around the design of the tray only emphasizes the fact that different people may find something personal of their own within it, and make it an object in their home, that tells their “story”.

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