Leaf  Shelves

Leaf shelf is a part of the Leaf series and a new type of object. Yes, it’s a shelf, but even more than that, it’s an intriguing item on the wall. One that can completely stand on its own, even without anything on top of it. In this sense, it functions as an art piece that allows for versatile design choices in the living space.

Whether one’s needs are practical or decorative, Leaf offers a combination of modern simplicity with classic features and quality. Something timeless, and yet funky at the same time.

The driving force behind the scenes of Leaf’s design process was its designers wish to utilize the characteristics of traditional production methods with sheet metal. A deep exploration of different metalworking options, ended up with focusing on the rolling technology. But of course, with a fresh modern approach.

Leaf brings a world of possibilities. Using it as a functional shelf and an aesthetic anchor on the wall enables a creation of decorative combinations, in which daily objects come together in a beautiful composition. Placing a bunch of books behind the metal “soft” shape, will create geometric, almost graphic compositions, with a twist. The books on the shelf all of the sudden become a part of a central piece, which on the one hand cannot be ignored, and on the other – blends gracefully and naturally into the living space.


Using Leaf as a support system for a variety of planters is yet another exciting way of using it. With tiny gardens of  favorite plants and flowers popping up on the wall in a perfect synergy between the smooth elegance of the metal and the free flowing forms of the greenery around it, there is no limit to the imagination.

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