Orbit Mirror

Orbit is a wall mirror with a strikingly smart and simple design. The accurate relationship between the forms of its three components creates an object that is harmonious within itself, and also fits perfectly in various spaces of the house.

mirror sample1

The idea behind the mirror’s design was finding a clean and natural composition of shapes, in which the hanger is the surprise element. In Orbit, the usually strictly technical part takes a leading role – it’s integrated in the mixture of forms not only as an element of pure function, but also as a major player, without which the design won’t be whole.

The mirror is composed of an oval aluminum powder coated back, with a round mirror positioned on top of it. A semi-circle cut in the upper part of the metal back dictates the exact scenario of the mirror’s hanging, while a semi-circle of an opposite direction in the hanger’s form  (that is already mounted on the wall) is just waiting to meet its other half.

Available in two different colors, Orbit changes its nature according to each one of them. The black version is full of modern class and mystery, while the bordeaux model will introduce a sensual touch to any space.

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