PLY Shelving system

With an asymmetrical construction and a wide polygonal leg Polygon’s elements meet each other as geometric forms in a surprising sculptural composition. With a successful communication between the parts, they manage to create the necessary tension that makes a great design. The unusual composition of shapes makes the furniture look dynamic and variable, depending on the viewing point.

Simple and clean design makes us feel at ease, be it at our homes or our working spaces. PLY shelving system is all about that clarity, lightness and simplicity. With a timeless combination of metal and wood, the modular structure allows the creation of different variants of the shelving units, fulfilling their owner’s personal vision.

Made out of 4 mm aluminum sheets and coated with a high quality powder coating, PLY shelves are light and delicate and display a minimalist design approach towards technology and materials. The combination of lightweight surfaces and natural oak rods creates a piece of furniture that fits within a vast range of spaces of different characters. Due to the elegant design, the shelving unit doesn’t steal the focus from the objects they exhibit, yet remain noticeable and add a stylish touch to the space.

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