Polygon Side Table

With an asymmetrical construction and a wide polygonal leg Polygon’s elements meet each other as geometric forms in a surprising sculptural composition. 

A successful communication between the parts creates the inherent tension that makes a great design. The unusual composition of shapes makes the furniture look dynamic and variable, depending on the viewing point.

The structure is composed of three main shapes with a modernist scent and brings to mind creations from the worlds of Bauhaus and modern architecture. The table is made out of powder coated metal with seamless joints between the parts. It’s true to its material and technology of production, which fits the contemporary design ideology of Hue Minimal. 

An oval thin top table surface cantilevered over a polygonal leg, which appears to be solid on one side, but in a surprising manner turns to be open on the other, allowing for a useful concealed shelf. 

In the development process of the table, the designers were looking to create an intriguing sculptural object that feels different from standard tables. In order to achieve that, they’d created a visual contrast between its parts – the thin top and bottom surfaces are met by an extremely bulky leg, whereas their smoothness is contradicted by a polygonal texture. 

In their original vision, the table’s leg was supposed to be performed in a smooth metal, just as its top and bottom. However, a fortunate accident made the designers change their mind. In one of the cardboard prototypes, the material broke on its own into segments around the leg area, creating a surprising texture. Loving the new discovery, the designers decided to listen to the material’s wish and translate it into the final design of the metal object.

Due to its clean modern design that is classic at the same time, Polygon can gracefully find its place in any room of the living space. In the living room, the side table which is available in matte black or bordeaux, might become that needed functional piece, that adds an intriguing touch, without being too dominant. In the bedroom, Polygon can easily become a funky and fun choice for a bedside table.

While the table is a quiet celebration of a playful design, the hidden shelf makes a perfect home for all those small objects that always look for their place, such as remote controls, coasters, small books or any other object of your choice.

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